Presumably, our clients choose to work with us because they believe us to be experts in our field, and therefore, the most adept at solving their advertising and communication challenges. Why, then, has it become standard practice for agencies to offer up so many options, and ultimately let the client choose the “best” solution? We often feel the need to show a range of thinking, so we rarely (if ever) go into a meeting with one direction and say, “This is it. This is the best solution.” But that’s exactly what legendary designer Paul Rand said to Steve Jobs when designing a logo for his company, NeXT. After Jobs briefed Rand on the assignment, they had this conversation:

Steve Jobs: “So I guess you’ll get back to me with some options.”

Paul Rand: “I don’t do options. I will solve the problem, and you will pay me. It’s up to you whether you use my solution…but I don’t do options.”

As this article goes on to say, of course Paul Rand did tons of options. He just didn’t show them to his client. He only showed his very best solution.

Maybe this way of thinking is far too risky for agencies. But I think it’s refreshing and inspiring. Read the full article here.